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Limited Release - Panama Bonita Springs

Limited Release - Panama Bonita Springs

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Tasting Notes: Blood Orange, Red Grape & Currants

Farm: Bonita Springs
Variety: Pacamara
Processing: Dry Fermentation 
Altitude: 1200 - 1400 MASL
Miro & Olmedo Families
Region: Boquete

Bonita Springs Estate is owned and operated by the Miro and Olmedo families. Together, the two families have owned the estate since 1930. In 2017, the families made the decision to focus on specialty processing and invest in their own wet mill to add value at the farm level. The high-quality specialty coffees that they now produce are exported to international buyers. Another way they’re focusing on specialty coffee is by growing unique varieties, like the Pacamara in this lot.

Coffee trees are shaded by citrus trees. Citrus also provides another income stream for the families.

Alto Lino is one of the best micro-regions for producing coffee in Boquete. This distinction is made even more special when you realize that the list of specialty coffee-growing regions in Panama is a short one. Along with Volcan and Renacimiento, Boquete one of the three premier growing regions for coffee in Panama. High altitudes, good rainfall, fertile soil and ideal temperatures are just some of the conditions that make this region so special.




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