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Limited Release - Santa Felisa African Gesha

Limited Release - Santa Felisa African Gesha

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Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Mandarin, Apricot & Lemonade

Country: Guatemala 
 Santa Felisa
Variety: African Gesha
Processing: Dry Fermentation 
Altitude: 1529 - 1920 MASL
Anabella & Antonio Menses
Region: Chimaltenango, Acatenango

Santa Felisa was established in 1904 by Mr. Trinidad E. Cruz, and is now a 4th generation operation. Using the principles of precise agriculture, the farm operates by analysing the laws of nature, and the needs of the community. Santa Felisa produces specialty coffee using a variety of processing methods, and has consistently won them places in the Cup Of Excellence over the years. 

The farm is organic and avoids synthetic agrochemicals, as well as protecting the local environment to enhance the growth and cultivation of their coffee cherries. The use of shade trees is detrimental to deterring pests on the farm, conserving the soil quality, and using organic fertilisers such as Elsinea Foetidia, which is a red worm.

The first step of the process involves choosing quality seeds of each variety. Several things are taken into consideration in choosing the beans, including the microclimate, agricultural practices and harvesting the perfect ripened cherries. Over 30 varieties are tested in a pilot field before planting only the varieties that thrive in the environment of the farm. 

Santa Felisa farm offers a wide range of fermentation processes, including dry fermentation, wet fermentation and honey processing and different variations for all these methods.

We have worked on the relationship for about 18 months to bring these amazing coffees to our customers as we believe Santa Felisa produces some of the best coffees from this origin. We are thrilled to be showcasing several varieties and fermentation over the next few months.

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