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Dawn Patrol Coffee

Burundi - Kirasa Washing Station

Burundi - Kirasa Washing Station

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Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Rhubarb & Jammy

Country: Burundi 
Altitude: 1100 MASL
Region: Muhuta, Rumonge
Process: Dry Fermentation
Red Bourbon

Originally a government-run mill established in 1992, Kirasa washing station was acquired by Succam Exports in 2012 to enhance the production of high-quality washed coffee. Located amidst stunning hills and adjacent to the Kirasa River, the area is characterized by intercropped plots of coffee and banana trees, providing shade and sustenance for farmers' families. Under the management of Emile Ndikumasabo and agronomist Anne-Marie, innovative practices like natural fertilizer production from discarded coffee pulp have been implemented. This fertilizer nurtures coffee seedlings distributed to farmers for garden renovation. While traditionally only producing washed coffee, this year, Kirasa introduced natural processing, emphasizing meticulous sorting and drying to achieve a clean and remarkably sweet cup profile. Kirasa is part of the Akawa project, a collaboration between SUCCAM and Supremo aimed at uplifting producers out of poverty through sustainable practices and equitable remuneration, adhering to UTZ certification standards.

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