Syphon Brewing Guide

A syphon gives you clarity of flavour with added body. It’s a beautiful method to observe and produces one of the best cups of coffee.

We prefer a butane burner for better heat control and overall efficiency. You will also need a wooden paddle, a timer and 23.5g of freshly ground, filter roasted coffee (medium/coarse the consistency of sand).

Fill the bottom chamber with 250ml of filtered water and bring up to boil on full heat. When boiling fit the top chamber on, tightening the rubber seal.

As the water rises up to the top chamber ensure your cloth filter is central with no air bubbles passing up the side.

When the water level reaches half way you can drop your 23.5g of coffee in stirring thoroughly making sure all grounds are wet.

When all the water is in the top chamber back off the heat just enough to maintain all the water in the top WITHOUT it boiling. Start your timer.

Three distinct layers will now be visible ensuring your on track to perfect extraction.

At 30 seconds using the paddle gently fold the crust back in on itself as evenly as you can. As soon as this is done (or at 40 seconds) start a whirlpool by slowly stirring in a clockwise direction no more than 5 times, at the same time you must turn off the heat.

Your brew will now make its way back down to the bottom chamber leaving a perfect dome of grounds over the cloth filter.

Disconnect the top chamber, pour and enjoy!


  • We are aiming for a ratio of 9g/100ml. It is a high dose but contact time is quick.
  • Timing is everything, too slow and it will taste astringent, too fast and it will taste watery.
  • Make sure you don’t boil the coffee in the top chamber at any stage this will ruin your brew.
  • Pull the heat away as soon as you start stirring your whirlpool as there is always a few second delay before the coffee travels back down to the bottom.

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