Aeropress Brewing Guide

With a dose slightly higher than pour over or French press, you will need 15 grams to 200ml of water.

The brewing water should be not long off the boil (about 95-97 degrees), so boil the water and let stand.

Grind the beans at a coarseness equivalent to drip filter (roughly halfway between espresso and French press).

Invert the Aeropress so the filter is upside down at the top and the rubber plunger is set at mark 4 on the main brewing chamber (this will hold 200ml of water). Remove the filter holder, insert a paper filter and rinse both the paper and the brewing chamber with boiled water.

Place the ground coffee directly on the rubber plunger and add water vigorously until the chamber is almost full. The bloom from the fresh coffee should have about half a centimetre clearance from the top of the chamber.

Twist on the filter holder (with rinsed filter paper) and let stand for 1 minute, then stir gently and leave for another minute.

Carefully turn the Aeropress right way up over a preheated mug. Press down on the plunger until the brew chamber is almost empty, stopping just before you hear the hiss from the half centimetre air pocket.


  • For a stronger brew, increase the steep time up to a minute and a half, or stir the brew before plunging.
  • If you can’t plunge without straining a muscle, try coarsening your grind or decreasing the dose.
  • To clean the Aeropress, simply pull apart and rinse in hot water. Grounds and the paper filter can be composted.