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Dawn Patrol Coffee

Mexico Finca Las Palmas

Mexico Finca Las Palmas

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Tasting Notes: Sweet Citrus, Vanilla & Caramel

Country: Mexico 
Altitude: 1218 MASL
Region: Chiapas
Farm: Finca Las Palmas
Process: Wet Fermentation
Producer: Ruben Roblero Gonzalez

Ruben Roblero works alongside his wife and son to produce coffee at their farm, Finca Las Palmas, which is lies in the breathtaking Sierra Madre de Chiapas Mountain Range.  Coffee is an integral part of Rubens life, and has been passionate about coffee since he was a child. His father taught him everything he knows about production and he hopes future generations will share his passion.

After selection, cherries are processed on the day of harvest, followed by a 15 hour fermentation. They are dried on cement terraces or patios. The farm is 80% Bourbon variety.


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