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Limited Release - Colombia La Palma El Tucan Gesha

Limited Release - Colombia La Palma El Tucan Gesha

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Country: Colombia
La Palma El Tucan
Altitude: 1740
Process: Bioinnovation Fermentation
Elise Mandrinan & Felipe Sardi

Tasting Notes: Florals, Vanilla, Tangerine & Blueberry

La Palma El Tucan located in the Cundinamarca region of Colombia started operation in 2011. Felipe Sardi and his wife, Elisa Madrinan had a dream of not only producing high-quality coffee but to also provide opportunities to other Colombian producers, by not only growing coffee on their own farm but helping other local coffee farms to improve their cup quality and then purchasing it at above-market prices.

The bio-innovation process honours the main principles of organic farming. The first step of the process involves reproducing native microorganisms found in the farm's forest, which is turned into a fermentation substrate. The substrate is then inoculated with the ripened coffee cherries in a pot for 96 hours. Consistency is ensured by undertaking this process in smaller batches, to mimic the same populations of microorganisms on each batch. The bio-innovation method of fermentation helps to further control the type of microorganisms that predominate in the metabolic process. The use of this substrate, that is loaded with native microorganisms yields unique and distinct flavour profiles. This is a result of the particular enzymes, alcohols and organic acids produced by the microorganisms. After this induced fermentation, the cherries then undergo one of 2 processes, bio-washed or bio-natural. 

This Gesha has undergone bio-washed fermentation. The cherries are pulped and then undergo a second fermentation for a lapse of 24 hours to be finally washed. This yields a clean and juicy result.

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