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Kenya - Mchana Coffee Estate

Kenya - Mchana Coffee Estate

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Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Red Apple & Cola

Country: Kenya
Altitude: 1750 MASL
Region: Kirinyaga
Process: Dry Fermentation
SL28, SL34, Batian & Ruiru 11

Mchana Coffee Estate, a family-owned farm managed by Mr. Japheth Mwaura, stands as a testament to quality coffee farming in Kenya. Located in Gariama, Rung’eto sub-location of Kirinyaga County, just 20 km from Embu town, this estate boasts 18,000 coffee stems. Positioned on the fertile slopes of Mt. Kenya, within Kenya's agriculturally rich Central Province, the estate benefits from ideal conditions for coffee cultivation.

At Mchana Coffee Estate, meticulous field activities ensure optimal growth and yield of coffee plants. These activities include weeding to eliminate competition for nutrients, pruning to enhance plant health, spraying insecticides and fungicides to protect from pests and diseases, applying fertilizers to boost growth, and mulching to maintain soil moisture and health.

Despite its success, the estate faces significant challenges. High costs of labor and farm inputs such as fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides pose a constant financial strain. Additionally, the cool temperatures, ranging from 13-26°C, while generally favorable, can sometimes adversely affect the development of coffee berries. The estate is expertly managed by Mr. Japheth Mwaura, who, along with his dedicated team, oversees the day-to-day operations. Their responsibilities include weighing, selecting, and processing coffee. They are supported by a senior agronomist from CMS Ltd., who provides invaluable advisory services.

The estate benefits from rich red-volcanic soil, which is packed with essential minerals and organic matter. This soil type, combined with an annual rainfall of 1,500mm at an altitude of 1,750m, creates an ideal environment for coffee cultivation. Annually, Makena Coffee Estate produces an impressive average of 90,000 kgs of coffee. This high yield is a result of careful and strategic farming practices.

Processing at MchanaCoffee Estate is characterized by precision and hygiene. Red-ripe cherries are handpicked, ensuring only the best quality fruit is selected. These cherries are promptly delivered to the wet mill for immediate processing. At the wet mill, cherries undergo sorting to separate red-ripe from underripe and overripe fruit, as well as foreign matter. The wet processing method utilizes clean river water from the Nyamindi River, which is recirculated to minimize waste before being disposed of in seepage pits. After wet processing, the coffee is sun-dried and then delivered to the dry mill for secondary processing. The processed parchment coffee is finally sent to Central Kenya Coffee Millers in Karatina, Nyeri County, ensuring that the highest standards of quality are maintained throughout. The estate’s water needs are met by the Nyamindi River, a reliable source that supports both the farming and processing activities. MchanaCoffee Estate stands as a shining example of how dedication, strategic management, and adherence to high standards can produce exceptional coffee. Despite facing challenges such as high costs and variable weather, the estate continues to thrive, producing some of the finest coffee in Kenya.

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