Plunger Brewing Guide

French press, or plunger, is consistent and really easy. It can brew a richer, fuller cup than pour over and is preferred by a lot of people for its flavour and ease of use.

You can vary the amount of brewed coffee you need by changing the amount of beans you grind. We aim for 60-70g per litre of water. So, for one and a bit cups, you’ll need 20 grams and 300ml of water off the boil.

Drop your freshly ground coffee (coarse like salt and preferably from a burr grinder) into your plunger pot.

Add your boiled water vigorously (or stir quickly) to wet all the grounds. Let it brew for four minutes.

Using a spoon, gently collect the ground coffee that is floating on the top, and discard it. Plunge it down carefully. If you can’t push your plunger down with two fingers, then please stop (they have been known to break under pressure and burn people).


  • If you can’t push the plunger down with two fingers then you have ground your coffee too fine, and it may not taste as desired.


  • If you like your coffee stronger, try using more ground coffee, i.e. 80g or 100g per litre. A stronger brew like this can mask the more floral and delicate notes of some coffees, so apply this rule with caution!


  • If the coffee tastes watery or weak, try brewing it for longer than 4 minutes OR try grinding it more finely.


  • If the coffee tastes astringent or dry, try grinding it more coarsely, or brewing for a shorter time.